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What is

     Aromatherapy ?

 When the aroma of  an essential oil is inhaled, It travels via the  olfactory nerves of the  nose into the brain via  electrical impulses.  

This aroma  is the gaseous state  of the oil that reaches the limbic region of the  brain which houses our 

 emotions and experiences.


Everyone experiences emotional pain from time to time. Loss, relationship strains and personal difficulties are a part of life and most of the time we find ways to cope and carry on.

However, often life circumstances can be overwhelming and the resulting emotional distress can interfere with our ability to function and meet every day challenges.

Psychotherapy can be a powerful tool in helping us restore our sense of well-being along with the motivation to improve our lives and move toward self-fulfillment.

A successful therapeutic relationship can be of immense value for helping us improve relationships, recover from physical and mental illness, or gain insight and perspective to realize our full potential.

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